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Several members of QuantOM have been collaborating for a few years with managers and consultants within the air cargo industry. Specific problems related to that industry have already been submitted to our research team. In particular, we have recently developed a software, called OPAL (Optimized Planning for Aircraft Loading), through a collaboration with Champ Cargosystems (Luxembourg). OPAL is a computer solution designed to solve in an optimal and automatic way the weight and balance problem for freight handlers.
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We strongly believe that many other processes used in day-to-day practice in the specific field of air cargo transport could and need to be optimized. Moreover, resorting to optimized and (semi)-automatic procedures will be more and more necessary in the future as the volume transported by air is expected to increase while economic and environmental pressures will tend to intensify. Operational researchers can bring significant contributions there. Therefore, QuantOM decided to invest in this subject Beside the subgroup working specifically on air cargo problems, strong interactions exist with the other QuantOM members mentioned before. In particular, some other research subjects are very close like the optimization of freight transport by trucks or ships.

We are members of international operational research and transportation networks. We take part regularly to major international scientific conferences. In the field of air cargo transportation, we have specific partnerships with other research groups and especially the CIRRELT at HEC-Montréal (Pr. G. Laporte) and the MAAIA at Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC) in Toulouse (Pr. C. Mancel and M. Mongeau).

Our philosophy is that scientific research in management gets added value if a direct link with real industrial applications can be illustrated. Therefore, we develop models based on industrial standards and test them on real cases. This close link between our research and real industrial life is possible as we benefit from the support, knowledge and data of some air cargo actors. In particular, we have collaborations with Champ Cargosystems (cargo IT provider, a partnership between SITA and Cargolux Airlines, based in Luxembourg), LACHS (Liège Air Cargo Handling Services in Liège airport) and TNT (as HEC-ULg official partner).
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