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Air Management

Several members of QuantOM have been collaborating for a few years with managers and consultants within the air cargo industry. Main projects:
  • 2010-2013: Automatic Weight and Balance for cargo loading.
    Description, software, video...
    Paper In JORS
    Team: S. Limbourg, M. Schyns, G. Laporte, T. Kleyntssens - Partners: TNT Airways (ASL), Champ.
  • 2012-2014: The Airline Container Loading Problem with Pickup and Delivery
    Paper in EJOR
    Team: V. Lurkin, M. Schyns - Partner: TNT Airways (ASL)
    Awarded: Anna Valicek 2014 - The Anna Valicek Medal recognizes original and innovative research in the application of operations research to airline and/or airline related business problems. This annual award is sponsored by the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS)
  • 2011-2013: A Mixed Integer Programming formulation for the three dimensional bin packing problem in the air cargo context.
    Paper In ITOR
    Data sets
    Team: C. Paquay, M. Schyns, S. Limbourg.
  • 2013-2015: MIP-based constructive heuristics for the three-dimensional bin-packing problem with transportation constraints.
    Data sets
    Team: C. Paquay, S. Limbourg., José F. Oliveira, M. Schyns,
  • 2013-2014: An Ant Colony System for Responsive Dynamic Vehicle Routing
    Application: managing the refueling fleet of an airport.
    Paper in EJOR
    Online tool
    Related work: Analysis of exact methods for VRPTW
    Team: M. Schyns - Partner: Liege Airport
  • 2015-2017: Accounting for Price Endogeneity in Airline Itinerary Choice Models
    Working Paper
    Team: V Lurkin, LA Garrow (GeorgiaTech), MJ Higgins (NBER), JP Newman (GeorgiaTech), M Schyns

BRAIN-TRAINS (2014-2018)

BRAIN-TRAINS deals with rail freight intermodality, and the extent to which it can be made successful, under market, society and policy-making challenges, and analyzing how intermodality contributes to answering these challenges. Starting point is the relative weak usage of this type of transport.
For more information, please consult https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/projects/brain-trains/ Main actors: S. Limbourg(coordinator for QuantOM),C. Tawfik
Partner: Antwerp University

Potential of Liege as inland container port

The Ports and Logistics Advisory together with the University of Liege, Prof. Sabine Limbourg, have executed a study on the potential of Liege as inland container port and resulting business opportunities for companies in transport & logistics. The study is commissioned jointly by AWEX (the Export & Foreign Investment promotion agency of Wallonia) and Port of Rotterdam Authority. The Liege Port Authority fully supports the study.

START – POCAT (2010-2013)

Planification et Optimisation des Chaînes d’Approvisionnement et des Transport

The research project consists of analyzing planning and decision optimization problems faced by enterprises in the context of their production and transportation activities. The research activities are motivated, on one hand, by real-world problems faced by the partner enterprises, and on the other hand, by more theoretical scientific studies. Our studies concentrate currently on rich vehicle routing problems faced by retail and food distribution chains. We develop a column generation based branch and bound method to be able to solve to optimality instances of reasonable size. With the aim of proposing good solutions for large instances, we develop metaheuristics that combine variable neighborhood search (VNS) methods and large neighborhood search (LNS) methods.
Supported by: Walloon Region, University of Liège, and SuperTransport SA (Group JOST)
Main actors: Y. Arda(coordinator for QuantOM), V. François, F. Talla-Nobibon,Hande Küçükaydin
Partner: Lentic-HEC-ULg

FOREM (2009-2010)

Research concerning the evolution of job contents, competencies and training required by employers in the logistics sector.
Supported by: FOREM (Walloon Public Office for Employment and Training)
Main actors: Y. Crama and Y. Arda(coordinators for QuantOM), V. François, R. Nondonfaz.
Partner: Lentic-HEC-ULg

TransLogisTIC (2007-2009)

Acronym of Transport, Logistics, and Technologies of Information and Communication, TransLogisTIC (http://www.logisticsinwallonia.be/translogistic http://www.logisticsinwallonia.be/translogistic) is a project supported by the Walloon Region within the framework of the "Marshall Plan". The project is aimed at developing a complete and efficient multimodal transport system in Wallonia as well as high quality logistics services with high added value. The contribution of HEC-ULg consists in elaborating models and algorithms of optimization for real-time vehicle loading operations.
Supported by: Walloon Region
Main actors: Y. Crama (coordinator for QuantOM), Y. Arda, D. Kronus, Th. Pironet, V. Rosso, M. Schyns.
Partners: Louvain School of Management - UCL, NSide

  HEC-Management School - University of Liège