Supply chain management (SCM) and quantitative methods (QM) have been identified among the peaks of excellence at HEC Management School of the University of Liege. This distinction reflects the fact that the School offers a broad array of courses in these areas, leading in particular to a specialized master in Supply chain management, that a significant number of researchers carry out scientific projects related to SCM or QM, and that these projects are supported both by public research grants and by collaborations with industrial partners.

Most of the research activity in SCM and QM at HEC-ULg takes place within the framework of QuantOM, the Centre for Quantitative methods and Operations Management. More than a formal research institute, QuantOM is an open association of scientists who work under a common label in order to promote and to stimulate the development of research conducted at HEC-ULg (or more broadly, within the ULg) in the field of quantitative methods and of their applications to SCM, logistics, operations, and other areas of management and economics.

Some of the main areas of expertise and research within QuantOM are in transport management and transport economics, in production planning and scheduling, in the design and coordination of supply chains, in statistics and statistical process control, in integer programming and combinatorial mathematics, in business intelligence and analytics.